Digital Citizenship: if someone makes you feel bad… click UNFOLLOW!

Now that I am back on board after my Brother’s wedding, I am catching up on the learning pathway and working through the books on Digital Citizenship. As someone who uses social media often (mainly Facebook and Instagram) I am familiar with ideas and thoughts about cyber bullying, cyber safety, and other issues related to the safe, responsible, and ethical use of ICT. Continue reading Digital Citizenship: if someone makes you feel bad… click UNFOLLOW!


Another Professional Experience creeping up quickly!

My 4th professional experience is just 3 weeks away, and as much as I love the opportunity to get that ‘real-world’ experience, the thought if integrating ICT’s into my experience is daunting. Unlike Ree who didn’t know much about her school, I have the advantage that I am returning to the same school from a previous prac, with a different mentor and year level. So I … Continue reading Another Professional Experience creeping up quickly!

Thinking about ePortfolio’s and a vision for life beyond uni…

Every semester is one step closer to graduating, and every semester we are made to think more and more about our teaching ePortfolios. I have found in this course, there has been a strong focus on collecting evidence for our ePortfolios based on the AITSL standards. This also gets me thinking of what life beyond uni looks like for me as a teacher… and my vision is to travel and teach, but overall if plans change I just want to make a difference! Continue reading Thinking about ePortfolio’s and a vision for life beyond uni…

Authentic Tasks… What are they?

Previously, I wrote about Playing catch up, always! I received a comment back to my post from our course examiner David. I wrote about studying Assessment and Reporting this semester how I am constantly asking myself ‘how authentic is this assessment piece, and course structure?’ David has a big question for me, challenging my thinking. David’s though-provoking question was “The big question that arises for me out of your post … Continue reading Authentic Tasks… What are they?

Primary Connections Workshop

Just like Kelly, I too attended the Primary Connections Pre-Service Teachers PD on Thursday and Friday this week. Although the drive was long (thanks Kel for driving), it was great to experience another campus of USQ. Now that it has been a few days and my head is not all fuzzy, I am going to reflect on my experience. “We do not learn from experience… … Continue reading Primary Connections Workshop

Who wants to be in my support team?

So, again I am a little behind on the learning pathway for EDC3100, but this isn’t anything new from this semester. I really have struggled with staying on top of both the learning journey and the assessment requirements. These two combined tasks do not feel very meaningful to me, however I believe I already have expressed my frustrations about this and it’s time to try … Continue reading Who wants to be in my support team?

ICTs, Science & Year Two’s

esterday, it was lovely to meet with my mentor teacher for my upcoming professional experience in term four. I am more than four weeks out from commencement, and for the first time ever (this will be my fourth prac) I feel more organised and prepared. Knowing what class and what teacher I have well in advanced has been a huge factor. This professional experience allowed us to re-visit a school from a previous course but the requirements were to choose a different year level and different mentor. So I will be going back to a local private independent school and I couldn’t be happier returning to this school. Continue reading ICTs, Science & Year Two’s